Welcome to the Refreshed Dooer

The old Dooer was founded on a mission to change the financial and administrative aspects of running a business. Our vision was to make it easier, more enjoyable, and more profitable to start and run a business. However, the journey was far from straightforward. We made mistakes. At Dooer we had a great team, however we struggled to find the perfect product-market fit.

Dooer’s vision in a video

This video was shot at the end of 2019 and shows the vision of the old and new Dooer.

New Dooer - new team.

The new Dooer is starting on the same mission — to change the financial and administrative aspects of running a business. We are starting fresh — and we are starting together with you. We are a smaller team — a startup — and excited to show what we have and are building.

What’s coming

The first services to be released are:

  • AI Chat - Conversations with Your Data: AI Chat acts as a centralized hub for all your financial data, allowing for quick modeling of “what-if” scenarios and providing round-the-clock assistance from a virtual AI financial coworker.

  • Bank Feeds - A Clear Financial Picture: Bank feeds acts as a central platform that captures every financial transaction, offering tools to track sales, expenses, and growth, while an AI-CFO assistant provides insights and automates reporting

  • Dooer Documents - All your financial documents in one place: Dooer Documents is a comprehensive solution for managing financial paperwork, where AI technology is employed to extract data, categorize, and assist with bookkeeping and payment preparations, ensuring easy access to documents anytime.

Will there be more software and services?

Yes. There are many more exciting things coming.

If I am an existing Dooer user

The services you currently use will remain —we will rebuild them and offer migration options.

It’s important to mention that the old Dooer is generation 4, the new is generation 7 and built on a completely new philosophy and tech stack — so there will be variations and changes, but we are committed to ensuring all transitions are as smooth as possible.

Beta testers and Community members

Currently, we are seeking beta testers who are interested in testing the new services. Please email beta@dooer.com if you wish to participate.

Community members - Become a Dooer

We are also looking for community members who want to be part of the Dooer Community — we will hold sessions and show new services, features, and make sessions for feedback — give access to software earlier and also allow for full-on brainstorming sessions. We believe the best products come from building together. If you are interested in joining the community, email: community@dooer.com

How we think a modern software and SaaS company should be

Finally, we want to share a few points on how we believe a modern software and SaaS company should operate — this is what the new Dooer is built on and has as its vision.

Values: What we think — anyone should be able to expect from their SaaS vendor

  • AI: AI should be enabled in all parts of the software - the users should be able to use their own AI-keys and no training for others should happen on users data - if the user does not explicitly opt-in for it.

  • API: All services should have an API that is free and open for anyone to use - no paywalls or qualifications to use the API or to get an integration published into the marketplace.

  • Marketplace: The marketplace should be open for anyone to publish to - and should be free to use - there are no words such as competitors in - let’s make it as good as possible for end-users - there is only let’s make it better for everyone.

  • Integration: You should be able to integrate seamlessly with your current systems or any 3rd party software and services - as long as they allow it.

  • Support: We strive to offer the best support in the industry - and what we find out as best practice we will share.

  • Dark Patterns: We oppose dark patterns in SaaS and want to set an example for the industry - we are thinking of creating some type of movement here - we are also SaaS users and don’t like it when companies try to fool their users for profitability - but it starts with us showing how things could be done.

  • Cancellation: No long contracts or cancellation fees — if you want to leave, you should and can. If you do because our services are bad, then we should learn from it; if you do because you outgrow, then that is also good - we are not a one-solution-fits-all. Everyone has their own needs.

  • Free: If it’s advertised as free, it stays free — no hidden strategy to cancel free offerings later.

  • Data Ownership: Your data belongs to you - it should be easy to migrate or move out - it should be easy to work with the data.

  • Building in Public: Develop openly with the community, inviting collaboration.

  • Security: Security is first on all agendas, and security features should be standard, accessible to all, not behind paywalls or higher plans. The irony is when services that are about security have this strategy - we think there should be a movement around this.

Tech: How a modern SaaS software should be designed— and how you should be able to change it

  • Models: Models reflect real-world entities and should be generic, not bound to fixed schemas.

  • Schemas: Each model can support numerous schemas, which anyone can modify

    • and the software should be built in such a way that it doesn’t break.
  • Plugin: The software should be completely plugin-based — build what you’re missing or use what others have built.

  • Automation: All flows and business logic should be automations, allowing anyone to add, remove, or alter processes - no part of the logic should be built into the software.

  • Event-Driven: Design the software around events; these are simply triggers for automated actions.

  • Files: All objects should be files (or appear as files).

  • Deprecation: We should not be afraid to deprecate features - sometimes we have to do it. Let’s not build a monster full of legacy code that doesn’t get the love it should. Think Apple here - the end result of their deprecation policies has, in the parts (where financial incentives have not been in play), resulted in much better products.

  • Standards: Stick to established standards and specifications like RFC, ISO, FreeDesktop.org, CloudEvents, Open Container Initiative (let this be a teaser for why we refer to some of this - but it’s cool and we are thrilled to show more). The beauty of the software world lies in diverse teams independently building compatible services, and that’s possible only when we all adhere to common standards.

  • Use What Exists: Don’t recreate what’s already out there —use the best existing solutions and build on them.

Let’s build the future together

We are excited to embark on this journey with you. Our software is as much yours as it is ours. Let’s build the future together.

- The Dooer Team.